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Diamond IP Conference Phone

CP860 is the next generation IP conference phone launched by Yealink. An original diamond-section design makes the product look dazzling, while also providing enhanced display and pickup effect. The CP860 combines fashion able design with HD voice quality, superb pickup efficiency, five-party conferences, joint calls, meeting recording and playback and other multiple advantages. The result is that it brings a high-quality, multifunctional user experience to small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Designed with the crystal-clear lines of a perfect diamond
HD voice quality that matches a diamond’s unblemished purity

● Support for Optima HD sound quality and authoritative TIA920 certification ensures all HD sound requirements.
● With a built-in three microphone matrix, the phone supports 360° omnidirectional high-quality sound pickup within a 3-meter radius.
Extended microphones can increase this to 5 meters— perfect for small and medium-sized conference rooms.
● With support for full-duplex, auto-echo cancellation and automatic reverberation elimination, the CP860 manages challenging audio environments. 
The result is greater efficiency and more pleasant and productive meetings.

Multifunctional to reflect the all-round brilliance of a true gem-stone

● Support for call linkage with PC softphones (Skype, Lync, Bria, etc.), mobile phones and also for mixed communication terminals used in the same meeting. 
This enables the phone to provide a unified communications experience at anytime, anywhere and on any devices.
● With support for 5-party conferences, the phone will greatly lower communication costs when a multiparty meeting is needed among a company’s headquarters, 
branch offices, vendors and customers.
● With support for meeting record and playback, the CP860 improves the efficiency and flexibility of meeting resource utilization and satisfies demands for filing.